The wall photo was taken at a house listed for sale in Georgetown, Tx. Being a huge fan of hand stacked stone I was struck with the beauty and permanence of the structure. Seeing this wall brought to mind one of my favorite sayings.

 The proverb ‘Good fences make good neighbors‘ is listed by Oxford Dictionary of Quotations as a mid-17th-century proverb. Robert Frost gave the proverb a boost in the American consciousness with his 1914 poem Mending Walls: … “I have come home to look after my fences.” 

 While one generally thinks of a wall as a separation of two neighbors, I believe Robert Frost insinuates that the neighbors actually look forward to meeting each other every year to mend the fence. It is more of a bonding action than one of disengagement and the neighbors are mending or renewing their relationship as well as the stones on the wall.

 It is my philosophy of maintaining a home and a community that we should all keep our properties and our relations with our neighbors in good shape. As the Margaret Wheatley tagline goes: “Whatever the problem, community is the answer”.

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