One of the biggest decisions you will make when selling your home is how much to sell it for.
It is often the case that the biggest financial investment we make is in our homes. This naturally leads us to want the most return we can get when it comes time to sell. Unfortunately, pricing your home too high can actually result in the direct opposite happening.
With houses selling for an average of fewer than 30 days, it is common for houses left on the market past that time to be looked at as unfavorable or overlooked altogether.
Alternatively, there are times when pricing a house lower (“priced to sell”) will generate enough interest among investors and homebuyers to net you an offer higher than your original selling price.
Homeowners in the Austin-area have the benefit of growth in the capital city in the sense that when priced accurately a house will sell fairly quickly.
If you’re thinking “yes, but how do I price my home accurately?”, you can always reach out to us at the Austin HomePage Real Estate for a free comparative market analysis.