This testimonial is for all of you who are looking to buy or sell a house.  First, you have to realize that within a one-mile radius of any place you happen to be, there are likely a dozen realtors poised to pounce on your opportunity.  Some of those realtors are actually qualified but most are flying by the seats of their pants and while they will get the job done, you will be left feeling like a used tissue.  

Let me give you my story.  I am a paralegal at a mid-sized law firm and the primary work that I have done for the last 30 years has been real estate related.  To say I know dozens of realtors is not an understatement. I know what I’m talking about when I tell you there are adequate realtor, good realtors, great realtors and “best in class” realtors.

Let me introduce you to Lori Page and David Lotspeich of Home Page Realty.  They are a husband and wife team, joined recently by their son, Maxx Lotspeich.  They are above the “best in class” and total blue ribbon winners.

When it came time to buy our new home, they honed in on exactly what we were looking for and helped us find our new home faster than expected.  Most realtors could have done the same job. But most realtors, okay likely no other realtors, would have gone above and beyond in helping guide us through the purchase by walking the house multiple times with us and helping point out items to be addressed by the seller, helping us know what to expect before, during and after closing.  I can’t tell you how many people said, “oh, your realtor is here? That’s not customary.” And “your realtor did that? I’ve never seen a realtor do that for their clients.”

Maybe not, but it’s part of their service. They wanted us to be 110% satisfied with our new home.  And we are!

Now, moving to selling our old home.  This is really where we could not have asked for better service and our gratitude is enormous.  We were stunned by how much “routine” help Lori and David gave us. From power washing the exterior of the house and driveway, to blowing leaves off the roof, to painting our front door, to hauling away old consumables from our garage, to helping us find contractors for interior repair items (and meeting them for us to get bids, and countless other generous gifts of their time and experience; every time I turned around, they were doing something to enhance the marketability of the house and lessen the stress on us.  Nobody – and I mean, nobody does that; certainly not as “just part of our services.”

We just closed on the sale of the house, and if it were not for HomePage Realtors, I am convinced the house would either still be on the market or would have sold for much less.

In sum, Lori Page and David Lotspeich are literally the best realtors in town and you will not ever regret choosing them to assist you with buying or selling a home.



Jeanne M.