It’s Spring! We finally have the opportunity to have some work done on our houses that we have put off over those dark and dreary months of Winter. I’d like to address a few items that go above and beyond the traditional “Spring Cleaning” that this Season brings and talk about home maintenance items that will not only enhance your home value but save you money in utilities and prevent future repairs.
1. Gutters: Time to clean out those gutters and downspouts and make sure the joints are caulked and sealed. If this task is more than you have the time or desire to do check out our preferred vendors on this website for Gutter contractors who can tackle this task. Maintaining your gutters may prevent water leaks in the house, improve the drainage around the house and therefore help maintain your foundation stability and prevent insect infestation from the gutters.
2. HVAC: With the temperatures rising and Summer on the horizon now is the time to make sure your air conditioning unit is functioning at it’s best! You can do a few things to help your HVAC system like changing the air filters, cleaning the fresh air registers and making sure the outside condenser is free from debris and/or plants that may block the air flow around the unit. During these warmer months, it is also wise to pour 1 cup of diluted bleach or vinegar in the primary drain line to prevent mold and slime from blocking the primary condensation lines. These easy DIY maintenance items may help prevent the coils from icing up, improve the air quality in the house and save energy by making it easier for the AC unit to run. I strongly encourage you to contact a professional HVAC repairman to give your system a Summer check-up to ensure you will stay cool for the Summer!
3. Windows: Open your windows and air out the house! Clean your window screens and window sills as well as cleaning the windows inside and out. (That’s a good thing to do on a not-so-hot day so your Windex/Ammonia/Cleaner won’t dry up fast)
4. Water Heater: If you have a tank style water heater you should drain your water tank once a year in order to prevent a build-up of minerals and sediment in your tank. Be sure to turn off the breaker to the unit if electric or turn off the pilot light and gas if a gas unit before draining. Turn off the cold water supply line to the unit before draining as well. Call a plumber if you aren’t comfortable doing this.
5. Roof: Spring is a great time to have a qualified roofer come check out the condition of your roof shingles. They need to also check for any hail or tree limb damage to the roof and seal all nail heads and secure vents with silicone caulk.
6. Decks: Spring is a great time to check out your “Texas Living Rooms”. Look for any boards that need replacing and by all means, look into re-staining/painting or water sealing your decks now so you can enjoy them all Summer long!
This short list is just a few of the things you can do to get ready for Summer. If you are preparing your home for sale this Summer please contact me and we can set an appointment to discuss specific items that will bring you the highest return on investment and help sell your home in the shortest amount of time.
Thank you for allowing me to be your resource for all your Real Estate needs.