Low Pressure and Patient

David was my Realtor helping me sell my former house in 2012 as well as helping me through the process of looking for and ultimately building my new home. David is very low pressure and patient. I always found him to be accessible when I needed to speak with him. He was easy to work with, completely trustworthy, knowledgeable about the areas I was looking in, and he had great suggestions along the way.

During the process of selling my old house he and fellow agent Lori, did an excellent job of helping me prepare my house for sale. I followed their suggestions and with the help of their staging techniques and a little decorating from Lori, my home sold quickly.

When I looked for a new home, David extensively researched houses in the area using the select criteria I gave him. After looking at several homes in a few different neighborhoods, we ultimately found a neighborhood I just love and decided to build a new home from the ground up. David worked seamlessly with the home builder’s salesperson. We all got along great.

I also sought out David’s advice during the design process (paint, flooring, counter tops etc) asking about how my choices might affect future resale value and he offered valuable advice there too. I always felt like he was looking out for my best interests as his client and not trying “close the deal” quickly and move on. Finally, David suggested that I hire an independent home inspector to look at my house during the building process. I did that and the inspector pointed out several issues that the builder corrected as a result of the inspection.

I will definitely use David as my Realtor in future transactions.